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This page documents parts I have designed for 3D printing.

Materials and Tech

Robotic Arm

This was the first real project that I pursued with 3D printing. The concept is basic, including five degrees of freedom driven by SG90 servo motors. The design poses several good challenges for anyone starting out with CAD or—like me—returning to CAD after a very long time (9th grade high school, if my memory serves):

All of this adds up to a good bit of time, failure, iteration, and fun. Full details can be found here.

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Freenove Smart Car Rear- and Front-Mounts

The smart car comes out of the box with a front-mounted camera. I designed this bracket to move the camera to the back and provide room for front-mounted parts like the robotic arm described above.

The files for this design can be downloaded from Thingiverse here.

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This is an elevator designed for the stepper motors found here.

Full details can be found here.

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DC Motors

The following is a four-coil brushed direct-current (DC) motor:

Full details can be found here.

Tips and Tricks

  1. The small deboss labels on various components contain the Fusion 360 version numbers of the design file. This is a handy way to keep track of the design file version used to print each component, particularly when diagnosing issues, updating the design, and printing new versions. I use the ParametricText add-in to automatically update the version numbers when saving the design file.