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This page documents the development of a 3D-printed robotic arm for use with the remote-controlled Freenove Smart Car. The current design has five degrees of freedom listed below.

  1. Base rotation
  2. Arm elevation
  3. Wrist elevation
  4. Wrist rotation
  5. Pinch

Due to the symmetry of the design, DoFs 1 and 2 comprise the same parts as 3 and 4. These two pairs provide rotation and elevation at each end of the arm, leaving the pincher to sit on top.

Parts: Print Times/Costs and Images

The table below shows the arm parts with estimated print times and materials from the Cura slicer and costs based on $20 per 1000 grams ($0.02 per gram) of filament (e.g., here).

Part Print Time (HH:MM) Print Cost Image
Base rotator 3:45 $0.48 (24g) base-rotator
Arm base 1:45 $0.20 (10g) arm-base
Arm elevator wheel 0:30 $0.04 (2g) arm-wheel
Arm 0:30 $0.06 (3g) arm
Wrist elevator wheel 0:30 $0.04 (2g) wrist-wheel
Wrist base 1:45 $0.20 (10g) wrist-base
Wrist rotator 3:45 $0.48 (24g) wrist-rotator
Pincher base with fixed finger 2:30 $0.30 (15g) pincher-base
Pincher mobile finger 0:40 $0.08 (4g) finger-mobile
Pincher pin 0:10 $0.02 (1g) pincher-pin
Total 15:50 $1.90 (95g) semi-complete

The complete design image does not show the base rotator, arm base, and arm elevator wheel. The design is symmetric on each end of the arm, so it was not necessary to draw these components. The files for this design can be downloaded from Thingiverse here.

Other parts can be found here.